Training and Capacity Building for Government Officials

ExplainTrade ensure your teams are impeccably prepared through programmes that enhance the effectiveness of government officials in both developed and developing countries.

Negotiating Trade

Modules for negotiators, future negotiators and trade stakeholders, at all levels of expertise and seniority. Content spans from first domestic consultations to the final compromises required to push a trade deal over the line.

Understanding Trade policy

From containers at the port to WTO committees, trade policy impacts the work of every official. An understanding of how trade policy operates is critical to ensuring truly whole-of-government responses. Our programmes eschew dense theory to focus on what your officials need to know to make trade policy work for your objectives.

Trade Policy and climate

Climate change mitigation and resilience is a policy priority. Trade has a significant role to play in reducing emissions and in building economies capable of weathering a changing climate. Our programmes cover options and approaches at the national, regional and multilateral level.


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