Info-graphics and Media

Every so often I try to cram as much information as possible into a single slide, page or graphic. I do not let my lack of talent or artistic flare slow me down. The results are below. 


Trade Terms Cheat Sheet

Trade is full of confusing terms. I put together this cheat sheet with accessible explanations and useful links. Yes, this is the kind of thing I do for fun. Yes, my mother is deeply concerned.  

World Soybean Exports.jpg

World Soybean Imports - Can't replace China

After the meeting between President Trump and President Juncker, some suggested the EU would pick up any US soybeans China didn't buy. I put together this chart to show that when it comes to buying soybeans, no one comes close to China. Heck, everyone put together doesn't come close. 

US vs EU Ag Subs.jpg

US vs EU Agricultural Subsidies

The US and EU both spend staggering amounts of money annually on supporting their agricultural producers. To graph, based on their WTO Notifications to the Committee on Agriculture shows just how staggering.