Private Sector Training and bespoke advisory designs and delivers programmes that strengthen your business and build the skills and capacity of your teams.

Negotiation training

From basic negotiating principles to finding the path to success under immense pressure, we design and deliver training programs that ensure your firm gets the outcomes it wants while nurturing the relationships it needs.

Where Trade policy and business meet

The machinery of trade policy grinds slowly. Knowing which part of the process to keep your eyes on is a challenge. Our programmes highlight where trade policy impacts your business to ensure your voice is heard in policy formulation.

Effective trade and climate CSR

Designing corporate social responsibility schemes around aid for trade and climate change is difficult. Our experienced former development professionals work with you to refine your CSR program to exceed your requirements and expectations.

An impending deal keeping you awake at night? Stuck at an impasse in a critical negotiation? Struggling to define your edge? Benefit from the analysis an independent third-party professionals who have been in the room and delivered negotiation success under immense pressure. Our experienced negotiators apply proven expertise to your negotiation challenges with a bespoke service that’s candid and professional.

Negotiation advisory


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