Course: The Trade Policy Download

Give your team the knowledge it needs to be trade-aware in just two and a half hours


Trade policy is dominating the headlines and shaping the business landscape. Providing your team with a solid grounding in the concepts and practicalities is crucial, but time is limited. In less than half a day, this course equips your staff with the knowledge to engage critically with the trade policy conversation, identifying opportunities and threats for your organisation and its clients.



Some areas covered by the course:



From tariffs and quotas to subsidies and remedies, the terms which dominate the headlines.

The WTO.jpg

The World Trade Organization

What is it, why is it and what does it do? What is it up to? What does the current impasse mean?


Government Procurement

The commitments governments have made on how they’ll purchase goods and services.



How trade policy captures and binds trade in the intangible, from tourism to insurance.


E-Commerce and Digital Trade

What are the trade rules which govern it, and where are governments looking to agree more?


Gender and Trade

How governments are increasingly prioritizing trade-led women’s economic empowerment.

Trade Negotiators.jpg

How trade negotiations work

Behind the curtain look at what negotiators do, how the process works, and where it can be influenced.

Dispute Settlement.jpg

Dispute Settlement

From GATT Panels to the WTO Appellate Body and ISDS tribunals. The basics of trade law in practice.



What happens at the intersection of environmental protection and international trade rules?


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