Trade is complex, but explanations don’t have to be

In 2016, much of the world reawakened to the impact trade and trade policy can have on their lives and livelihoods. From the US-China Trade War to Brexit and the crisis facing the World Trade Organization, trade now dominates the headlines.

Whether you are a concerned business owner or an engaged citizen, parsing the forest of acronyms and impenetrable legalese around trade can be daunting. You need information that’s clear, concise and informed. Information which doesn’t oversimplify the complexity, but rather highlights the areas of complexity most relevant and pressing to you.

That’s what this website strives to deliver through explainers, training offerings, and media engagement.


Our blogs, twitter threads and infographics help our readers cut through the complexity of international trade policy in a way that’s accessible, readable and relentlessly factual.


We deliver interactive and customized trade policy and negotiations training at every level from undergraduate university students to government officials and corporate executives.


From the New York Times to BBC Radio, major media outlets rely on to accurately and succinctly explain trade policy and its implications on real people and real businesses.


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