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From undergraduates to executives and government officials, we design and deliver competitively priced, tailored, practical, and interactive training from experienced former negotiators.

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Negotiating Business - Tips, Tricks and Tools for Negotiating Success, with TechUK (London)

Learn how to prepare for, execute, and bring home stronger negotiated outcomes. Delivered in partnership with James Madelin, this one-day course offers practical and immediately usable tips rooted in international trade diplomacy and extensive private sector experience. Whether you’re an old hand looking to refine your technique, new to negotiating tables and looking for a methodology to see you through your first critical talks or anything in between, this course has something for you.

techUK Members - £395.00 + VAT
Non-Members - £595.00 + VAT


Executive and Higher Education

University and College courses in International Relations, Political Science. Trade Law and Economics offer an excellent theoretical grounding in international trade and the global trading system.

At both the undergraduate and postgraduate level we build on this foundation through self-contained modules which bridge the gap between theory and practice and slot seamlessly into existing curricular.

Our executive education packages are designed to strip away the theory and jargon and focus relentlessly on the practical question: what does trade policy mean for your business, what do you need to know about it and how do you stay one step ahead of the curve?

Capacity Building For Officials

Whether negotiating trade agreements or working in a policy area impacted by trade policy, officials can benefit from tightly designed training packages built around their operational needs.

Our capacity building offerings are informed by experience, not just in trade but in government. At every step of the way we ask, “How does the work of officials fit into the trade policy process, and what skills and knowledge do they need to deliver excellence?”

This approach guides us to create tailored, usable capacity building and training for officials at all levels.

Commercial training

Conducting business in the modern world requires ceaseless negotiation with clients, suppliers, regulators and even competitors. Strengthen your team’s capacity with training from negotiators who have worked and delivered in high profile, high pressure scenarios.

Trade policy can impact your business in a myriad of ways. We offer training at various levels in understanding where policy interacts with commercial activity, how policy is formed, and how negotiations produce results. This knowledge is critical to business success in a volatile trade policy climate.


results and reporting

Carefully tracking our performance allows ExplainTrade to refine our offerings and continuously improve and innovate.

We measure four metrics, asking those who take our courses to tell us how much they feel:

  1. Our courses met their learning objectives;

  2. Our courses were directly relevant to their work;

  3. Our courses were engaging and interesting; and

  4. Our courses would be something they would recommend to others.

Where our partners and clients have their own monitoring and evaluation approaches, we map the results they share with us against these four criteria.

ExplainTrade aggregate quantitative results, as at June 11 2019.

ExplainTrade aggregate quantitative results, as at June 11 2019.


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